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Grade 4/5



Science and Technology Design Project

To: Parents and Guardians in 5P

From: Mrs. Pero

Date: Wednesday, March 19

Re: 5P Science and Technology Design Project

Students will design, or use a ready made design, to build a working model that demonstrates how organs or components of body systems in the human body work and/or interact with other components.

Students will collect the materials needed to build their model at home and the projects will be built at school. Some initial cutting or hole punching of materials, such as hard plastic can be done safely at home with parent supervision.


build a working model to show how the lungs work in a system to get air into the body

build a working model that shows how muscles and bones in the human body work together as a system to allow movement of the forearm

Students will use appropriate science and technology vocabulary when communicating how their model works and represents movement/action in the human body.

Start looking for an idea and collecting your materials. Please see Mrs. Pero well before design day if you can not find an idea or some materials.

Design Day will be in three weeks (probably Thursday, April 10th).

Please Note: In the past students have missed the idea that the model should move or show an action that is representative of the action in the body. Students have created brains that light up to model electrical current action within the brain and were able to communicate how this relates to muscle movement which is acceptable.

I still need to teach: circulatory, muscular/skeletal and nervous systems, so ideas from students may come later or change into the 3 week collection period given.





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