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Information for Students

Snowball Policy

At Pinecrest School we stress the importance of safe, responsible behaviour.  Each year, across Ontario,  many students receive serious head and eye injuries due to being hit by a snowball.  For this reason, The Hastings & Prince Edward District School Board does not permit snowball throwing while on school property.  Please note our school policy for throwing snow/snowballs.

  1. Students will be reminded of the "No Snowballs" school rule.
  2. First incident - A letter will go home to parents to be signed. The letter must be returned to the office the next morning.
  3. Repeat incidents - Students will lose recess privileges.

Please discuss the importance of the "No Snowballs" rule and school safety with your children.

Dress Code


As you are busy shopping for back-to-school items, please remember the Pinecrest Dress Code:

  •  Pinecrest students are expected to attend school wearing clean, modest clothing which presents a

              positive image and demonstrates respect for self and others.

  •  Hats are for outside only.
  •  Shoes should be worn inside the school at all times and should be appropriate for safe participation in

               all school activities and at recess.

  •  Undergarments are to remain covered by outer clothing at all times (i.e. raising a hand to answer a

              question or performing a lay-up shot in gym).

  •  No pyjamas.
  •  Shirts must meet the top of pants, skirts or shorts when hand is raised.
  •  All shirts must have straps at least three fingers wide - lasagna not spaghetti. Crop, halter, and

              spaghetti strap, sheer, low cut tops, muscle shirts with large arm holes, and backless tops

              will be deemed inappropriate.

  •  Graphics and slogans which portray suggestive or offensive reference to violence, profanity, sex,


               illegal drugs, and alcohol are not acceptable.

  • Students will be required to cover, remove, replace or turn inside out such articles which are

             deemed inappropriate. Parents may be notified to provide alternate dress.

School Respect Agreements

The following “Respect Agreements” have been developed by the Pinecrest staff.

All individuals at Pinecrest Memorial Elementary School are responsible for honouring our “School Respect Agreements.” 

  • We speak respectfully.
  • We work and play respectfully.
  • We do our best and value our work.
  • We treat ourselves and others with respect.
  • We respect each other’s differences.
  • We celebrate our successes.

Pinecrest Memorial Elementary School


Pinecrest Memorial Elementary School
27 Corey Street
Bloomfield, K0K 1G0
Phone: 613-393-3262
Fax: 613-393-2904
156 Ann Street, Belleville, Ontario
Canada K8N 3L3
Toll-free: +1 800 267-4350
General Email:
Bell Times: 9:20 - 3:40
P: Kim Myderwyk
S: Laina Andrews
Student transportation
Toll-free: +1 866 569-6638
Phone: +1 613 354-1981
Fax: +1 613 354-1279

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